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In today's high-tech world, a business without digital signage is a venture stifled by lost opportunity. Brand messaging, assisted selling, third-party advertising, and entertainment are just some of the digital signage uses companies should embrace as they harness technology to to keep their edge. But displaying the same tired ads in a loop isn't the way to go. Here are 10 of the most innovative and unusual ways to leverage the potential of purposefully built digital displays and touch screen monitors:

Make Your Product Stand Out with Digital Screens

Digital signage uses are manifold, but few are as exciting and brilliant as the ones that react in real-time to their environment. As this HuffingtonPost article reveals, screens can be calibrated so that a model's hair blows every each way when a train comes. Lifetime Magazine took things one step further with this Marilyn Monroe underground installation. If your budget doesn't allow for real-time changes to your ads, though, you could simply schedule them to cleverly mimic an interaction.

Raise Money for Good Causes with Digital Totems

It's been done before, but it's worth doing again. Digital totems are excellent ways to raise awareness of diseases, charitable causes, or other social issues. But they can also be paired with card readers, so that the images displayed depend on the donations being made. Decked with a contactless terminal, your digital totem is a brilliant way to kick-start a fundraising initiative, as Marketing Society shows.

Improve Road Safety with Digital Displays

Another way to make a difference with large digital displays is in road safety. Take a page from Samsung's book and incorporate digital displays onto your fleet. With a simple wi-fi camera at the front of the vehicle connected to the monitors at the back, you'll show other drivers the road ahead and literally save lives. Other options include a screen displaying emergency numbers and road safety advice. Or, for smaller vehicles used by couriers, an interactive screen asking customers and passers-by for feedback on their driving.

Transform Lift Journeys with Digital Displays

One piece of real estate with marketing potential that's being overlooked is the lift (elevator). Whether they convey travel information, display ads, virtual sky lights or even cloud scenes, digital screens can reach thousands of people every day by simply being placed above the lift doors or on the ceiling. Only a handful of venues, such as museums and luxury residence developments, have tapped into the potential of these non-conventional digital signage uses.

Make Clients Smile with Standing Displays

One way to get people's attention is to have a standing display in your shop that showcases funny or optimistic messages to shoppers in real time. Much like oOh! Media did when they displayed uplifting billboard messages to Porsche drivers, you could catch the eye of passers-by with a standing display that shows bespoke offers and messages from your shop window. Café owners can also reap the benefits of these quirky digital signage uses. Standing displays and totems can be used to introduce not only the menu, but also fun factoids, viral videos, and other conversation starters.

Stay Relevant, Come Rain or Shine

If Disney could do it, so could you. When they promoted Inside Out, their marketers used street outdoor digital display totems with ads that featured different emotive characters based on the local weather. If you sell umbrellas, sunscreen, popcorn, or best-selling books, you'll no doubt see the potential. But even travel agencies and real estate agencies could take advantage of this idea. Why not connect your digital totem to a weather station or find other innovative ways to switch between ads? Digital signage uses are virtually unlimited.

Bring Games to Life with Video Wall Displays

Ambient advertising can be explosive, as this T-Mobile experiment so clearly shows. When Rovio and Saatchi & Saatchi of London were commissioned to put together a life-size Angry Birds game in Plaça Nova, Terrassa, Spain, the goal was to sell more phones in Europe. According to footage from 9to5Mac, the staging and the video wall displays took two weeks to set up, but they were so immersive that the crowds gathered within minutes.

Livestream Premieres with Video Wall Displays

The trend started with Harry Potter, and there's no telling where it could take us. For commuters who couldn't make it to the red carpet event in Trafalgar Square, digital screens across major London train stations streamed live footage of the premiere. With strategically placed and cutting-edge video wall displays, you could reach out to your customers just as easily.

Spread the Word with Interactive Standing Displays

Billboards are passé, but they can still teach us a thing or two about engaging with the customer. This interactive game created on a billboard for McDonald's is a fine example of marketing made fun. Imagine taking that idea and applying it to crystal-clear standing displays and totems to promote your freebie campaign!

Seating Made Simple with Touch Tables

Don't you just hate it when venues don't have a welcome banner or a seating chart, so guests have no clue what to do? Surprisingly, all it takes to avoid the confusion and embarrassment is to set up a touch table or a self-service kiosk in the hall. Like this digital seating chart but smarter, a touch screen L Display product can showcase pictures of the hosts, a welcome message, directions to the table, the bar, etc. – all this while guests are sipping their champagne on a settee.

We hope this brief list of ideas has inspired you to make the most of the countless digital signage uses available to business owners. If you'd like to know more about how digital displays can connect your business to a wider audience, L Display is here to help you reach your potential. As a leading supplier of state-of-the-art digital signage technology, nothing would make us happier than to see our products boost your business.

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